Target Market: Kids – Criança, a alma do negócio

Why does my kid always ask for a new toy? Why does my daughter want another doll, when she has a box full of them? Why does my son think he needs another pair of sneakers? Why did I buy to my daughter makeup when she’s only 5? Why is my son suffering so much because he doesn’t have the latest cell phone? Why am I unable to say no? He asks, and I buy it for him, and still my son is always asking for more. Where does this constant desire for consuming come from?

In Brazil, children have become the target market for advertising. In an uneven and inhumane game, sellers get the profit whilst children deal with the disadvantage of having their childhood shortened. This documentary faces the perplexities of the environment, inviting you to reflect upon your own role and in the future of childhood.

Directed by Estela Renner
Executive Producer Marcos Nisti

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